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A Medford, Ore. man with a history of run-ins with the law for meth possession and trespassing has now added having sex with a chicken to his record.

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Joshua Woltmon, 27, was arrested Monday and by Tuesday was charged with sexual assault of an animal, public indecency, menacing and second-degree disorderly conduct.

KATU put his actions this way: Woltmon “unlawfully and for the purpose of arousing and gratifying the sexual desire of a person [touched or contacted] the sex organs of a chicken.”

The menacing charge comes from Waltmon’s apparent threatening of a man with sharp sticks during the chicken incident.

He has previously been convicted for meth possession conviction and right now has cases pending for three separate incidents on Sept. 13, March 27 and April 10. Those involved meth and trespassing.

According to Oregon Live, court records from a 2014 guardianship case, when Woltmon would have been 24, said he was functioning at the level of a 7-year-old, that he is bipolar, is unable to make informed decisions and has ADHD.

Couple all of that with a meth problem and voila.

Woltmon has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him and his bail has been set at $25,000. If and when he gets out of jail, he must immediately seek professional mental health care.

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