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A vibrator might be the last thing you’d expect to land someone in jail, but for a Florida couple, a fight over a broken one did just that.

Police in Fort Pierce say Christerria Latoya Shantel Taylor, 25, and her husband Rodney Wendell Taylor, 48, were arrested April 17 when the two got into an argument so heated, guns and violence became part of it. According to an arrest affidavit, Rodney Taylor said he was sleeping when his wife stormed into the bedroom and accused of him of breaking her vibrator.

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The ensuing argument escalated quickly, getting so out of control at one point that Rodney Taylor began choking his wife. Christerria Taylor then got a handgun and threatened to shoot her husband with it.

Both were charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic battery. Rodney Taylor was also charged with domestic battery by strangulation.

Just goes to show that when you marry a much younger woman, you should always expect the unexpected. And getting arrested and nearly killed over a broken sex toy certainly qualifies.