For those who knew this hot North Carolina teacher embroiled in a sex scandal, it was only a matter of time Barstool Sports Screenshot

The latest teacher sex scandal involves 25-year-old North Carolina educator Erin McAuliffe, who was busted recently for a showering three of her underage male students with a little too much extracurricular activity.

Her story has naturally stirred up a lot of dirt from people who knew her in high school and/or college, and the guys over at Barstool Sports were lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some of it.

One email was from a former high school classmate of McAuliffe’s who months ago forecasted the possibility of her shagging some of her students. He writes:

“I went to high school with this chick and actually talked with some of my buddy?s about 3 months ago about how we wouldn?t be surprised if she was smoking her students. Sure enough, NAILED IT! (pun fully intended)…”

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Another email came from a guy that knew McAuliffe in college.

“I went to college with this girl at Methodist University,” he wrote. “This is no surprise to any of us that knew her…”

If you’ve seen any pics of McAuliffe, you know why this story’s gotten so huge. There have certainly been a good number of hot teachers busted for having trysts with their students, but McAuliffe might be at the front of the pack.

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