Oregon man gets arrested for beating his meat in public, and it was all because of his hatred for this city Jail Booking Photo

There’s never an acceptable reason to to pleasure yourself in public, but an Oregon man who was recently caught red-handed by police at least had an honest one.

Police say they responded to a call of public indecency in front of a downtown Portland youth center when they discovered 59-year-old Terry Lee Andreassen engaged in the five knuckle shuffle right in the middle of the sidewalk. When officers approached him, he covered up and began walking away.

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When police finally caught up to Andreassen and questioned him about his behavior, he replied that he was on meth and wanted to go back to prison because he “f***ing hates Portland.”

He was immediately arrested and charged with felony public indecency. Unsurprisingly, Andreassen has a history of similar transgressions. He was convicted of the exact same charge back in October of 2014.

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