Parents are facing charges after the mom breastfed her kid while drinking beer at a bar in Downtown Indy Instagram Screenshot

Rarely, if ever, has anyone ever said “I got drunk and made some of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life,” or if they have, there’s a 99.9 percent that they’re full of crap. People get boozed up and make poor decisions, it just comes with the territory. So, when we heard about this little incident in Indianapolis, we weren’t the slightest bit surprised.

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According to the Indy Star, the parents of a seven-month-old baby are facing charges for neglect, after police say they took their daughter to the Wild Beaver Saloon, where the mother allegedly breastfed the child.

Shari Treba, 42, and Michael Trosclair, 45, are both facing charges of neglect of a dependent, as well as public intoxication, after police found them drunk at the downtown bar with the infant.

According to police documents, Treba was found next to a stroller, outside near a roped-off area, drinking beer. She never denied breastfeeding the child and tested with a blood alcohol concentration of .193.

Officers said Trosclair asked to call a lawyer repeatedly and couldn’t comprehend why the baby was considered to be in danger with a mother who had consumed multiple alcoholic beverages according to documents.

The baby was taken to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, but luckily showed no signs of intoxication. According to reports, no other signs of neglect could be determined.

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