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Getting locked up for drunk driving is only one problem this Pennsylvania man has to face, but the other charge he’s facing isn’t one you hear about every day.

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According to KDKA, Thomas Bloedel was arrested after his car slammed into a pole outside of a home in suburban Pittsburgh. Police reports state that Bloedel was not alone while crashing his vehicle, but was accompanied by his pet chihuahua, Maxwell. But the problem with little Maxwell was that he was also intoxicated like his owner.

After the police put Bloedel in their cruiser, they came back and found Maxwell drinking the contents of a spilled bottle of Smirnoff.

Maxwell was taken to a local veterinary clinic, where he was treated for alcohol poisoning. After staying at the vet overnight, he was apparently doing much better.

As for his owner, he is facing charges including DUI, animal cruelty, criminal mischief and careless driving. To make things worse, he threatened to kill multiple police officers, which garnered him another charge of making terroristic threats.

(h/t The Smoking Gun)

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