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A Jonesboro, Arkansas woman was pulled over for driving carelessly, but it’s what happened after she was pulled over that nearly has us pissing our pants.

According to Arkansas Online, Melissa Karen Tippett was driving without her headlights on when she was pulled over for a traffic stop. One of the officers that stopped her smelled what he described as “an odor of intoxicants” coming off her. It was also discovered that Tippett had a suspended driver’s license.

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The officer ordered Tippett to walk to his car, but she began to stumble. A second officer attempted to search her before she got into the cruiser, and told her to spread her feet so they could complete the search. Tippet refused multiple times to spread her feet, so when the officer physically spread them to conduct the search, she began urinating.

“As I was searching Tippett began to urinate, and my left hand was soaked in urine,” the officer said.

Tippett was given a breathalyzer test, which showed she was more than double the legal limit. According to the report, she now faces multiple charges including DWI, driving while license canceled, suspended, or revoked, aggravated assault upon a certified law enforcement officer and careless and prohibited driving.

She is being held in the Craighead County jail with a $2,525 bond and a court date set for Monday, according to police.

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