A teacher’s alleged affair with a student has come to light following a terrible incident Daily Mail screen shot

If I told you we were surprised when we heard about another teacher accused of sleeping with yet another student, then we’d be lying. Odds are it’s been happening like this for years, but for some reason or another each incident seems to make headlines.

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According to Daily Mail, Jill Lamontagne, a health teacher at Kennebunk High School in Maine, has been placed on leave while her school district investigates allegations that the married mother of two had sex with one of her 17-year-old students.

The allegations surfaced after the victim tried to commit suicide, according to the Daily Mail report. A judge in the case issued a “protection from abuse order” and ruled that she have no contact with the student for two years.

After his failed suicide attempt, the boy informed his aunt of the inappropriate relationship he’d been having with Lamontagne. According to the Journal Tribune, rumors of the boy and teacher have been flying for quite some time, but were always denied by the student. The report says the boy told his aunt that the two had sex in her car, in her home, as well as the classroom.

The young man, according to the Journal Tribune story, wants to continue the relationship.

The teacher hasn’t been criminally charged in the case. The Portland Press Herald reported that teachers who engage in sexual contact with someone under the age of 18 who is in their care faces a felony that could result in up to five years in prison.

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