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A former Louisiana high school student detailed an alleged months-long tryst he had with his high school English teacher — which included a threesome with a second teacher — in court testimony Tuesday.

According to a New York Post report, the now 19-year-old unnamed student said his affair with Destrehan High School teacher Shelly Dufresne, 34, in which they allegedly had sex 40 times, started in August of 2014 when he was 16. He said Dufresne sent him a Facebook message one day when he was out sick and the two became romantically involved soon after.

“Later on that night was the first time that Shelly and I had intercourse,” he testified.

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The teen also admitted to secretly recording the second teacher, 26-year-old Rachel Respess, as she slept after he and Dufresne engaged in a threesome with the woman to show his friends on the football team.

“It was kind of like proof,” he testified, adding that he showed the video to some teammates on the high school football team. “I told them about it, but they didn’t believe me.”

Prosecutors allege that Dufresne organized the affair by creating a fake Facebook account using the name “Madison Mexicano,” which included the phrase, “I love Mexican Boys.”

Meanwhile, defense attorneys for Dufresne contend that the alleged threesome never even happened because the teen was unable to get an erection. It was also argued that when he filmed Respess sleeping, he committed a crime himself by touching her.

School officials said the affair came to light in September 2014, and Respess and Dufresne were both arrested the following month.

Dufresne, who’s facing two counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, has pleaded not guilty. She could be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison if convicted. Court proceeding in Respess’ case are set to begin next month.

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