This Florida man tried to hitch a free ride to Hooters, but it’s how he did it that got him thrown in jail Brevard Times screen shot

Some people will do anything to try and catch a ride to where they want to go, and we mean anything. Just look at Jonathan Hinkle.

The 28-year-old Florida man dialed 911 and told the dispatcher his grandmother was having a stroke in the parking lot of Hooters and asked if they could pick him up so he could get there quicker. There’s only one thing wrong with his plan: his grandma was found to be in good health and surprisingly wasn’t at Hooters.

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Hinkle told the 911 dispatcher he would begin running towards the restaurant and asked if he could be picked up so he could come to the aid of his grandmother quicker. Responders obliged, but when they got to the parking lot, she was nowhere to be found. After a three-hour search, Hinkle’s grandma was discovered to be in good health, and according to the Brevard Times, tshe stated in a sworn interview with deputies that she never called Hinkle to say that she was in distress or needed medical attention. Hinkle was given a free ride to the Brevard County Jail, where he was arrested for his fourth offense of misuse of the 911 system.

The sheriff’s office is seeking to recoup $222 for costs related to the wasted search for Hinkle’s grandma. There must be something pretty special at the location he was headed to, because I’ve been to many of Hooters and not a single one of them was worth all of this nonsense.

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