Three people were spotted having sex on a roof in the early morning, but one of them says it wasn’t all that Facebook/Kevin Venbrux, Amanda Eilish Howley, Joel Begel
Facebook/Kevin Venbrux, Amanda Eilish Howley, Joel Begel

Three Pennsylvania people found themselves in trouble with the law when an alleged threesome on the roof of a building wasn’t exactly out of the public eye early Saturday and the “creation of physically offensive conditions” occurred, Northern Lancaster County Regional Police say.

The threesome has been identified as Amanda Howley, 24, Joel Beger, 29, and Kevin Venbrux, 26. All three of them are pictured below from their Facebook pages, all three were charged with disorderly conduct.

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While Howley and Beger’s activity is private, Venbrux’s posts are visible and in one of them he sees the story isn’t as interesting or as graphic as police made it out to be.

Facebook/Kevin Venbrux

“Disclaimer: the news makes it look a lot cooler then (sic) it was. Before the shit storm of social media holding, questions, and a million stories being made up about the situation. Please feel free to message me and I’ll explain to all your gossip wanting ears,” he said. “Untilllll then I apologize if this represents me as a person poorly, just remember. Not everything you read in the news is true lol. Please refrain from sharing or tagging me. We all have jobs, be respectful. Even if you do think it’s funny.”

Three hours later, he posted “FAKE NEWS” in all caps.

The Smoking Gun reported police are saying the three admitted that they were ?engaged in the activity,? but thought the roof spot ?position was private.” Penn Live reported the same thing.

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Who’s telling the fake news here?

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