Two fugitives are on the run after allegedly beating up a mom and daughter over chicken Baxley Police Department screen shot

Apparently there are two things you shouldn’t do in Georgia. One is serve customers cold fried chicken. The second is punch a teenage girl in the face.

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Authorities say both happened at a Qwik Chik, in Baxley, Georgia, were a pair of customers complained about cold chicken and a skimpy order of fries. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports the owner, Jeanette Norris, was refunding money to a man identified as Nathaniel Eric Smith, when out of nowhere Latasha Smith began throwing punches. Norris’ teenage daughter came to her  and was struck in the face, according to the AJC’s report.

The suspects then fled the scene.

Norris suffered a broken nose, according to the AJC.  U.S. Marshals are now involved, and have joined in the search for the couple, who are still at large.

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