Unfortunately for one Pittsburgh man, a Taco Bell proposition wasn’t enough to get him off the hook with the law Facebook screen shot

If you ever get pulled over and offer up free Taco Bell, you’d better hope the cop is a drunken stoner. Otherwise, odds are you’re not going to get off the hook, as this fella found out.

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According to WPXI, Officer Josh Glass pulled over a black Honda Accord in Pittsburgh for a minor equipment violation. When Glass approached the suspects vehicle, he noticed some baggies with white powder in the middle console, which the driver quickly covered with his cell phone.

The driver of the car, Eric Xavier Vela Arriaga, allegedly asked the officer to ignore the cocaine and even offered him a “hook-up” at Taco Bell, police said. Officer Glass did however thank Arriaga for the offer, since he enjoys Taco Bell, but he ultimately declined, according to police.

Arriaga was charged with cocaine possession.

While the thought of free Taco Bell sounds good, odds are not many people are willing to put their career on the line for some free tacos and burritos.

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