WTF? Florida man hauled off to jail after snorting blow right in police officer’s face during wildfire evacuation Naples News screenshot

Some drugs have a way of transporting their users into the nonsensical realm of WTF.

You’d have to say that’s where Joshua Benz, of Naples, Florida, found himself when he was arrested for snorting cocaine right in front of police as they evacuated area residents during a massive wildfire over the weekend.

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According to the Naples News, sheriff’s deputies said Benz, 25, flagged down an unmarked squad car as he walked alone in the middle of the road wearing jeans and no shirt. When the deputy pulled over and told Benz to evacuate the area, he pulled out a clear, plastic bag, put it up to his nose and snorted a white, powdery substance for three or four seconds.

Benz then turned around and put his hands behind his back, as if to say “you can arrest me now.” The deputy obliged and immediately placed Benz under arrest. The substance in the bag was later determined to be cocaine.

Benz was charged with possession of cocaine.

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