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If you’ve never heard of Mrs. Mac’s Pies, you’re not alone. Apparently it’s a thing over in Australia, where they enjoy eating things like meat pies, so we don’t think you’re really missing out.

But what they lack in appetizing product, they make up for in grade-A commercials, taking an page out of the Carl’s Jr. playbook, but adding in an M. Night Shyamalan-type twist.

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The ad starts all sexy like with a sudsy car wash ostensibly being done by a hot co-ed. The camera hits all the right angles, until it eventually pans up to show the face of an old lady on the hot body, which we assume is supposed to represent Mrs. Mac herself.

Considering there’s no meat pie in sight throughout the entire commercial, maybe it’s not the best marketing, but hey it made us chuckle. Which is the most important part.