Dave Chappelle is back, and his upcoming Netflix special looks hillarious YouTube screenshot

If you’ve been wondering what in the world happened to Dave Chappelle, we’re right there with ya.

It was announced last fall that he signed a deal with Netflix, but he seems to have gone right back into seclusion since, popping up only occasionally like that appearance on Saturday Night Live after Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Well, next Tuesday Mar. 21 he’s officially back on the scene. That’s when Netflix will stream the first two of three Chappelle specials, one in Austin and one in Los Angeles. The deal also includes a new original performance that’s scheduled to drop later this year. Here’s the first trailer:

Looks like he’s been hitting the gym during his years-long sabbatical. As the clip shows, Chappelle’s new material includes riffs on race, O.J. and ISIS. Doesn’t seem like much of a departure, but if he’s still even half as funny as pre-recluse Dave, we’re in for a real treat.

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