Mel Gibson is in talks to direct “Suicide Squad” sequel, because hey, why not? Getty Images/YouTube Screenshot

From the man who brought you The Passion of the ChristHacksaw Ridge and a whole bunch of anti-Semitic comments during a DUI comes the possibility of Suicide Squad 2. Ruh roh.

Per Maxim:

With the idea of Mel handling an anti-hero saga like Suicide Squad 2 (or whatever its real title is in the end) in mind it’s actually tough to imagine anyone else—his wild and outspoken public persona seems ready-made to direct Margot Robbie’s crazy-sexy Harley Quinn.

I don’t know how you can equate someone going on a tirade against the Jews (I mean, like, the guy really doesn’t like the Jews) with an excellent portrayal of a psychotic character in a universally panned movie but, well, here we are.

Let’s not forget how much of a complete and total bomb David Ayer’s original Suicide Squad was. And while Margot Robbie certainly did a fantastic job with Harley Quinn—so much so that she’s talked her way into a spin-off (with Ayer unfortunately at the helm)—you can’t rightly compare an excellent take on psychosis and an abusive, co-dependent relationship to a guy like Mel Gibson. One is crazy acting; the other is just crazy.

You really want a movie with a soundtrack featuring this monstrosity to have a sequel directed by Mel Gibson? Ehhhh I don’t think so.

(h/t Maxim)

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