Charlize Theron causes Carmageddon and The Rock chases down a torpedo in this insane trailer for Fate of the Furious YouTube Screenshot

The action in the Fast and Furious movies just keeps getting more insane with every new installment, and the new trailer for the 8th incarnation, The Fate of the Furious, gives every indication that it will follow suit.

The underground street racing scene that first launched the franchise back in 2001 is little more than a distant cousin at this point. Souped up Toyota Supras faster than Ferraris have given way to souped up Dodge Chargers and Lamborghinis with features that would have James Bond in awe.

Torpedos, rocket launchers, heavy explosions, dudes on snowmobiles shooting assault rifles and some of the Furious gang-manning tanks are just some of the standout scenes from the trailers. It’s 007 meets a gang of hipsters.

At the core of the story is Vin Diesel’s “Dom” character who, along with his band of car junkie misfits which this time out includes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, tries to fight off villain Charlize Theron and her attempts to pull him back into a life of crime. Also thrown into the all-star cast for good measure are A-listers Kurt Russell and Helen Mirren.

The action sequences are like nothing you’ve ever seen, and here’s an example:


Here’s the first trailer, which was releases back in December:

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