Here’s the surprise “Deadpool 2” cut scene showing after the credits for “Logan” YouTube Screenshot

From the looks of this, seems like all our worries about the upcoming Deadpool sequel might’ve been way off-base. Wade Wilson returns in this teaser/cut scene, which is current showing in theaters after the credits to the new Wolverine movie, Logan.

I won’t spoil this with too much analysis, but let me just say: ho-leeeee shit. Judging by this cut scene, I can only imagine the sequel to the original Merc-with-a-mouth blockbuster is poised to surpass everyone’s expectations. It’s just as fourth-wall shattering, superhero-flick-spoofing, chock-full-of-gallows humor as the original—which is precisely what made the first Deadpool so incredible. Also, what a sick cameo by the man himself, Stan Lee.

(h/t Rolling Stone)

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