Sigourney Weaver’s career might have taken a far different path if Ridley Scott kept his original Alien ending YouTube Screenshot

The ending of 1979 sci-fi horror flick Alien would have gone done down much differently if director Ridley Scott would have gotten his way.

In that final scene, Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is the sole survivor of a spaceship ravaged by an alien being, and she ultimately gets out of Dodge and heads back to civilization after kicking its ass.

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But in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Scott said that he envisioned a much more violent last act.

“I thought that the alien should come in, and Ripley harpoons it and it makes no difference,” Scott said. “So it slams through her mask and rips her head off.”

Scott explained that his alternate ending wasn’t very popular and nearly got him canned.

“The first executive from Fox arrived on set within 14 hours, threatening to fire me on the spot,” says Scott with a laugh. “So we didn’t do that [ending].”

Weaver, who would play the Ripley character three more times and receive an Oscar nomination for the 1986 sequel Aliens, can probably thank those studio heads for her career.

Here’s a first look at the new film in a commercial just released by 20th Century Fox.

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