Spider-Man villain Venom is getting a standalone movie next fall Variety

Forget Topher Grace, Tobey McGuire and that awful, awful iteration of Spider-Man and Venom from 2007?it looks like a different version of the symbiote-garbed bad guy is getting his very own shot at the big screen come next October.

Per The Verge:

Sony has announced that the drooling alien symbiote ? a longtime thorn in Spider-Man?s side ? will be coming to theaters on October 5th next year… The October 2018 release date puts a year between the Venom movie and the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, due for release this July.

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Giving Venom?whose original iteration, Eddie Brock, was once a onetime villain and became a popular antihero in the Marvel canon?his own movie could really change things up for the budding Spider-Man franchise. What’s more, it seems, considering DC giving The Rock his own Black Adam flick, that villain or antihero-oriented movies could be a new trend in major comic book-cinema franchises.

While Tom Holland certainly did a tremendous job portraying the famed web-head in Captain America: Civil War, and hopes are especially high for this year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, this take at a Venom solo movie (possible origin story?) could give Sony and Marvel a chance to screw up the whole Spider-Man franchise an astounding third time. Call me a cynic, but this move hasn’t exactly gone down smoothly in the past.

(h/t The Verge)

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