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If you caught the Oscars last night, then chances are you saw the teaser trailer for David Ayers’s upcoming Netflix original Bright. 

But if awards shows aren’t your thing or if it aired during your bathroom break, be prepared to geek out over what looks to be a seriously epic sci-fi universe.

In the movie, Will Smith, who played Deadshot in Ayer’s Suicide Squad, stars as a cop who teams up with an orc cop (played by Joel Edgerton) to protect a magic wand.

Sounds like some pretty fantastical stuff, but as Ayer assured in an interview with Collider back in April, this won’t be your typical PG-13 sci-fi experience.

“Every time someone tries to add reality to some fantastical elements, it’s always some kind of PG-13 kind of movie,” Ayer said. “This thing’s gonna be hard-R, it’s gonna be very realistic, psychologically realistic, which I think lets us push the fantastical elements even more. It’s gonna be grounded and real and I think it’s gonna straddle a lot of genres. It’s gonna be one for the books.”

Netflix coughed up a whopping $90 million for this project, so we’re hoping this is well worth the hype.

(h/t Uproxx)

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