The Avengers watch the latest Justice League trailer in this DC/Marvel mash-up YouTube Screenshot

With superhero movies popping up at the rate of a dime a dozen, there are a few that separate themselves from others, but one of the most impressive franchises in recent years has got to be The Avengers. With films released in 2012 and 2015 (and let’s not forget the individual superhero installments), and two more in the works for 2018 and 2019, the Marvel franchise is definitely making it’s mark.

But that doesn’t meant it won’t have to face some serious competition in the near future. With the release of The Justice League slated for November of this year, the stage is set for some superhero sharing of the box office.

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As a precursor to that box office competition (or, more realistically, just to have a little bit of fun), YouTuber Dr. Machakil mashed up scenes from the last Avengers movie to make it look like they were watching the new Justice League trailer, which actually looks pretty cool.

Let the box office battle begin!

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