If Jagermeister had followed Dave Attell’s hilarious commercial advice, no one would have ever touched the stuff YouTube Screenshot

Remember drinking Jagermeister back in the day? Actually, that’s a trick question, because no one technically remembers a night of drinking Jager, but chances are you most certainly did back in high school or college or maybe if you had a couple rough years during your fully-formed adult life. Perhaps the most damning thing about Jager though is that it’s one of the few liquors that everyone used to drink. Go to a get-together at someone’s house or a night out at the bar and no one’s downing Jager bombs.

Dave Attell is one of those people who used to drink Jager, and in his 2007 stand-up special Captain Miserable, he reminisced about the licoricey-flavored liquor and suggested an ad campaign that could cut right to the core of Jager’s liquid insanity. If only Jager would have taken some pointers from Attell, then no one would have ever touched the stuff and we’d all have just a little more of our pride back.

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For decades, Dave Attell’s special brand of raunchy comedy has made him a favorite of not just stand-up audiences, but of comedians themselves. Why? Because the dude has been brutally honest since day one. Maybe it’s not an honesty that would serve him well in the advertising business, but hey, it makes for hilarious comedy.

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