Put on your geek glasses and check out the evolution of Wolverine on TV and film YouTube Screenshot

Ever since his introduction to the X-Men in the mid ’70s, Wolverine’s been a fan favorite. But the character’s taken on an entirely new depth off the page and on the screen.

In anticipation of Logan‘s opening weekend and with Hugh Jackman bidding adieu to the role after the better part of two decades, the folks over at Burger Fiction have release what appears to be a pretty comprehensive compilation of Wolverine footage from seemingly every place the character’s popped up on both the big and small screen.

Starting with his 1982 appearance in Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends (weak title; weak show; I know) and running through the present-day incarnation of the character, Burger Fiction does an astounding job capturing Wolverine’s transformation as a character.

I guess his early turn as an Aussie is pretty funny, given that he dropped the accent after Pryde of the X-Men and an Australian actor was cast to play him (also sans accent). I was also a bit surprised at how popular and ubiquitous the character’s been since 2009. In terms of comic book super hero parody, he’s every bit as satirized as Batman (which, given how often Batman is satirized, should be kind of impressive).

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