You’ll get high just from reading Hunter S. Thompson’s daily drug routine Chive Screenshot

On February 20, 2005, Hunter S. Thompson shot himself in the head at his Owl Farm compound in Woody Creek, Colorado. In lieu of a funeral, the man who popularized Gonzo journalism had his ashes shot out of a goddamn cannon. So, it should come as no surprise that Thompson lived just as he went out: explosively.

E. Jean Carroll’s 1993 memoir on Thompson gives a pretty good look into just how batshit crazy and also brilliant the Fear and Loathing author really was. One aspect of the memoir that probably falls under the batshit crazy side is the section that covers his daily drug routine. Spoiler alert: He really loved cocaine.


Honestly, this isn’t entirely surprising considering it’s Hunter S. Thompson we’re talking about. But it’s also completely insane. It also probably explains episodes such as this neighborly gun fight at Owl Creek.

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