The “King of Instagram” wants to take a break from partying and give MMA a try, and good luck with that, pal Instagram Screenshot

Dan Bilzerian, the so-called King of Instagram, has made himself famous by partying with lots of chicks and being an overall tool on social media.

Apparently he’s getting bored with all of that and wants to be in an MMA fight. Like a real MMA fight, one that he will obviously have to train for.

For the 36-year-old socialite and trust-fund beneficiary, this might be the craziest stunt he’s tried to pull off so far (even crazier than the time he tried to run for president. Seriously, look it up.) In a recent interview with MMA Junkie Radio, he revealed that he’s been wanting to give cage fighting a go for quite some time.

“I have wanted to do an MMA fight,” Bilzerian said. “I?ll be 37 this year, so I better do it pretty fucking soon if I want to do it.”

“It?s tough nowadays because these goddamn kids are training from the time they?re six or eight by the time they get in there, they?re so well-versed.”

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The odds of a guy a few years away from 40 making any kind of noise in the sport, or getting a win at that, are slim to none. He should probably stick to his living his over-the-top, lavish lifestyle that he did absolutely nothing to earn.
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