This kid was face to face with Bart Simpson and didn’t even have a clue YouTube Screenshot

Imagine selling candy bars outside of the mall and meeting Bart Simpson. You probably think this craziness could never happen in real life, but that’s exactly what happened to this 13-year-old in Sherman Oaks, California.

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We only know the kid as James. He was approached by Nancy Cartwright, who has voiced Bart on the show since 1989, when she asked him about the items he was selling and what he was selling them for. The kid explained his story, and then out came Nancy’s Bart voice, as she told him she was 10 years old and went to Springfield elementary school. He told her it was a very good impression and kept on with his spiel. Cartwright asked the kid if he knew “the guy” that does Bart’s voice, then told him to shake her hand. He instantly realized he was amongst animated royalty and his reaction was priceless.

Not only did Cartwright buy 10 bars form the kid, but as she was preparing to leave, she pulled up and handed him an autographed bookmark to memorialize the moment when he met Bart Simpson.

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