Season 8 of “Archer” is going full-on film noir, and judging from these promos, it’s going to be hilarious as hell YouTube Screenshot

Less James Bond, more Sam Spade. That’s what’s in the cards for Sterling Archer, the H. Jon Benjamin-voiced secret agent turned ’40s-era detective.

For season eight of the animated FX comedy series Archer, the show’s creators have decided to go in a completing different direction with and go full-on film noir. But don’t worry, if the promos are any indication, this new season will be just as funny as previous iterations.

In “Dreamland,” the characters are just a little bit different than you’re used to seeing them.

Archer plays a detective, while Woodhouse, who was the butler in previous seasons, is Archer’s dead partner. Poor Woodhouse, always getting shafted.

Malory Archer is no longer Archer’s mom but a famous mobster, former special agent Ray is a jazz musician and Lana plays a sultry lounge singer/femme fatale, who will probably end up romantically involved with Archer in some way or another. Oh, and Cheryl? Yeah, she’s basically the same old Cheryl.

If you’re into action, raunchy jokes and all-around awesomeness, be sure to mark April 5 on your calendars.

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