Bungee jumping is supposed to be relatively safe, but try telling that to this young woman YouTube Screenshot

They say the risk of having an accident while bungee jumping is about one in 500,000.

So, according to that statistic, you’d have a better chance of something going wrong while engaging in an activity as seemingly harmless as jogging or cycling. For most of us, though, that information does little to encourage jumping off a freakin’ bridge.

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It might have for this unfortunate woman, though, who became part of that very exclusive club after something went horribly wrong on a recent jump that sent her face first into the platform.

Thankfully, the bungee cord didn’t break, and she ended up with just a bruised face and some missing teeth. Otherwise she would’ve joined that even rarer group — the two out of every one million bungee jumpers that buy the farm on a jump.

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