Drunk Irishman almost pulls off sweet beer-drinking stunt, but his dismount left him knocked out cold BroBible Screenshot

Anything that mixes drinking booze and any sort of athleticism is guaranteed to be a terrible, awful, no-good, piss-poor idea. Unfortunately, this drunk Irishman realized that just a little too late when he tried to chug a beer while in a handstand at a bar in Amsterdam.

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Maybe it was the small crowd of cheering onlookers that clouded his judgment (we’re guessing it was mostly the beer), but whatever it was, it made the dude forget that blood rushes to your head when you turn it upside down. So, when you turn it right side up, your sense of coordination doesn’t work all that well. Enter a very hard table and one serious-looking head injury.

But hey, if it makes him feel better, it’s not the first time we’ve seen a drunk dude get KO’d via table, and it probably won’t be the last.

(h/t Bro Bible)

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