Firework baseball is all fun and games until you get hit in the face Facebook screen shot

For as long as there have been roman candles, teenage boys have most likely been coming up with various ways to fire them, most of which are probably not safe. This comes as no surprise whatsoever. My brother, friends from the neighborhood and myself used to do this very thing.

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Firework baseball is one of the many ways to both launch flaming projectiles from a handheld cannon, while also shooting them towards a friend, with the overall objective being that friend hitting said projectile back towards you. Sounds awesome, right?

If that didn’t quite do it for you, there’s the old fashioned roman candle war, where the entire purpose is to just shoot the roman candles at each other and hope nobody loses an eye.

This next stunt had the makings of a truly awesome one. That was until the intended target became the man holding the shield, rather than the shield itself.

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