Hot-headed pedestrian gets served up a faceful of karma, and we could watch this on repeat YouTube Screenshot

Have you ever encountered someone that was obviously overreacting? You know, jumping the gun, quick to call you out on something that didn’t even happen? That’s exactly what happened as this driver pulled up to a red light.

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In Adelaide, South Australia, a man was traveling home from work. As he was driving, the traffic light turned red, so he did what any person in their right mind would do, he stopped.

Apparently a pedestrian walking his dog, didn’t approve of the man’s braking skills, and he let him know it. After a few quick gestures, followed by the middle finger, it appeared the pedestrian felt accomplished. That was until he walked right into a light pole. The driver responded the way most people would have, he laughed at the angry man, as he began to pipe off at the mouth again, shaking his fists.

This should serve as a lesson for anyone out there offering their two cents in where it doesn’t belong. Fortunately, the driver caught it all on his dash cam, so we could witness the pedestrian receiving a dose of instant karma.

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