In a failed attempt to bypass traffic, a woman puts on one of the worst displays of driving ever YouTube Screenshot

Sometimes people will do the dumbest things to shed a few minutes off their commute. But, more often than not, they end up taking longer than if they would’ve patiently waited.

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Somewhere in the Atlanta area, a woman was trying to pass a lane of backed-up traffic by driving on the wrong side of the road. But, as happens from time-to-time, she found out that people actually drive on the other side as well. She was forced into what can only be referred to as an epic fail of attempting to back up a car. She backed up onto the curb not one, not two, but five times. She’d probably still be stuck on the curb if another driver hadn’t seen enough of her making a complete fool of herself.

We’re not experts by any means, but anyone that drives a car in reverse this horribly, probably shouldn’t be driving a car at all.

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