In an attempt to get the perfect pic, some dude nearly lost his Land Rover to the ocean Facebook screen shot

Some people will do anything to get that million dollar shot to post on social media. Not too long ago, there was the Russian model who dangled from a high-rise to get a selfie with the ground below in the background. Well, this dude is right up there when it comes to taking things a tad too far to get the perfect pic.

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A New Jersey man drove his Land Rover out on the beach to snap that shareable pic, and he must not have paid much attention to the tide schedule, because before he knew it, his vehicle began to submerge into the Atlantic Ocean.

Bystanders must have felt it was a lost cause, because rather than help him get his car out, they did what any logical human would do, they recorded it. Fortunately for the driver, his car wasn’t swept out to sea, but it did provide for some entertaining footage.

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