Redneck king Travis “T-Bone” Turner majorly fails in his battle with a cafish Facebook Screenshot

As Jeff Foxworthy once said, you might be a redneck if you cut your grass and find a car in the middle of it.

Or, if you happen to be Travis “T-Bone” Turner, who’s a professional archer, co-host of Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector TV Show on the Outdoor Channel, and purveyor of anything having to do with the redneck lifestyle. Because if there’s any one person in the world who embodies the concept, it’s definitely T-Bone.

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In this viral video, T-Bone and a couple of friends opted to go the civilized route and fish for catfish using poles rather than go noodling with their bare hands. And it ended up being almost as dangerous when he slid down an embankment and almost into the drink.

Evidently, you might also be a redneck if you can fish better with your bare hands than with a pole.

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