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Some dudes will do anything in an attempt to prove their masculinity. Letting your girlfriend catch you in the face with a left hook ranks at the bottom of the list, as this very much emasculated young lad just found out.

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Imagine sitting around the house with you bae, you know, tossing back a few cold ones. Then suddenly you’re like, “you know what sounds like a good idea? You should punch me in the face, while someone records it on their phone.”

Nothing about this sounds even remotely like a good idea. For starters, the Bama chick appears to have the size advantage on her scrawny bf, so that probably should’ve clued him in on her punching power. But he doesn’t really seem like a dude who thinks things out ahead of time.

For all of you fellas out there thinking your chicks are wimps and they can’t punch, make sure your chick ain’t swinging for the fences or you’ll end up like this dweeb.

(h/t Barstool Sports)