A baserunner got spiked and an insane bench-clearing brawl ensued, with one player using a baseball as a weapon Twitter/@120sports

It may have been a minor league game, but this was a major league brawl.

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A Sunday game between the Dayton Dragons and the West Michigan Whitecaps, Single-A affiliates of the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers respectively, went off the rails when a Dragons player dove headfirst into second base on a steal and the Whitecaps’ shortstop took exception.

The shortstop should have blamed his catcher for making a throw that put in harm’s way, but instead he spiked the baserunner with clear intent.

Understandably, the runner wasn’t happy about it and sparked a bench-clearing brawl you won’t want to miss.

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Besides the punches thrown, one player actually used a baseball as a weapon, firing it with all his might at one of his opponents.


This guy, this guy right here.

You can bet that many significant suspensions will follow.

Same goes for those Bryce Harper and Hunter Strickland dudes for their on-field “conversation” on Memorial Day.

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