A pick-up basketball game escalates into an MMA fight at a local YMCA YouTube Screenshot

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that pick-up basketball games can get pretty heated. It could be the competitive nature of the sport or all the testosterone on the court, but either way things can get physical.

At a local YMCA, things got physical and then some when an argument between two players escalated. After a little verbal back and forth, one of the men decided he wanted to settle the score with his fists. The only problem was the other dude sniffed him out and dodged the first punch.

After eluding the punch, he went straight into MMA defense mode, with a series of moves consisting of a choke attempt, an arm-bar and a leg lock to finish things up. The fight was ultimately broken up as you could hear a woman in the background asking for them to stop.

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I’m not sure how either of them looked on the court, but hopefully they’re better at basketball than they are at fighting.

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