A pool party got out of control when this woman got beaten up and attacked with a fire extinguisher Worldstar Screenshot

Often times when you’re having a party, especially if it’s an out of control rager, you have to deal with the unfortunate problem of party crashers. Typically, you ask them to leave, they do, and then all is well. But that definitely wasn’t the case with this uninvited guest, as she quickly learned.

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It started off with the unwanted guest being asked to leave, a command which she ignored, even after some dudes told her to “Leave before something bad happens!”

If the woman would’ve just listened, she could’ve possibly avoided the beatdown she caught by the hands and feet of two other female guests at the party. To add insult to injury, she was repeatedly blasted with a fire extinguisher as she was stomped by the two girls.

She said her boyfriend was the president, maybe that’s what this had to do with, but president of what? Maybe next time she’s asked extremely kindly to leave or else, she’ll just leave.

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