A road rage situation escalated big time with this devastating knockout LiveLeak Screenshot

People who feel the need to get out of their cars and start road rage beef are a special breed of hardass. Rather than just flip the offending driver off and go on their way, apparently additional flexing and physical contact is necessary for some individuals to get their points across.

Take these two goobers from Batley, England, for example, who not only got out of their vehicles as cars were weaving around them, but also decided to get into a full-fledged throwdown.

At one point, the two brawlers nearly get taken out by a passing car and don’t even seem to notice.

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Shortly after the near-miss incident, the more curly headed of the two gets dropped by a devastating right jab, and the victor gets in a couple more blows for good measure. We hope Mr. Road Rage Champ is proud of himself. He’s now, most likely, the toughest tough guy in all of Batley. Cheers, mate!

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