A teen’s priceless reaction to three girls fighting right behind him is taking the internet by storm Instagram/Barstool Sports

You know the meme that goes “Behold the field where I grow my fucks and see that it is barren?”

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This Philly person is that meme in real life.

Instagram/Barstool Sports

The teen, dubbed “Mr. DGAF” by Barstool Sports’ Instagram, was caught on video sitting on a ledge as three girls fought. The fight itself was boring, but this witness made up for it.

Just watch what he does or, rather, what he doesn’t do.

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The guy sits there stone-faced as if to say, “Can I get a DGAF coffee with a side of plumber’s crack?” The only thing more prominent in this video than his indifference was, in fact, someone’s butt crack.

Instagram/Barstool Sports

He even yawns at the end for good measure. That is some expert-level apathy, and we can’t get enough.

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