An argument over a broken beer bottle turned into two shirtless dudes duking it out YouTube Screenshot

It’s crazy how something as minuscule as a broken glass bottle can turn into one dude getting his ass handed to him. But when you’re in Florida and booze and the beach are involved, anything can happen.

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Two dudes were arguing after one of them admitted to breaking a beer bottle and tossing it. Apparently the other guy wasn’t too happy upon hearing the news and decided to sucker punch the bottle breaker. Mr. Cheap Shot held his own, for the matter of about 20 seconds. That was until his counterpart went psycho and pulled out some MMA skills we didn’t see coming. After that, it was game over for the fella that just wanted to keep his beach glass-free. He came up on the short end of some ground and pound, a few submission attempts and two kicks to the head while he was down. Normally the kicks would be frowned upon, but after getting hit in the face unsuspectingly, anything goes.

We’re not sure how things got to this point but we’re damn glad they did. Maybe next time he’ll think twice before throwing a sucker punch, or at least tap out early next time he gets man handled.

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