Dude gets his white T-shirt ripped to shreds in this road rage scuffle LiveLeak Screenshot

Road rage is becoming an all too common occurrence, but when you’re sitting on the hood of someone’s car, you should expect something to happen.

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In Birmingham, England, a dude in a white T-shirt was doing exactly that, sitting on the hood of a stranger’s car. What led up to the incident? We have no clue, but the guy was pissed off enough to hit the gas pedal without any concern as to what would happen to the unwanted passenger.

Upon the vehicle stopping, the car’s passenger jumped out and began attacking the hood-surfing road rager. Apparently, the driver felt left out, because he jumped out of the car and joined in on the festivities.

A group of bystanders broke up the scuffle, and the car’s passengers scattered, leaving the dude in the white shirt behind, with a ripped shirt and a bruised ego.

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