Exhibition match between retired Mexican soccer players in California turns into chaos when fans rush the field and brawl Facebook Screenshot

It was more like the polar opposite of a meaningless exhibition match between retired players when fans of Mexican soccer clubs Pumas and Club America rushed the field for a massive brawl during the game.

At halftime of the match in Santa Ana, fans from both sides poured out of the stands and converged on the pitch for a wild soccer hooligan-style scuffle.

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According to OC Weekly, the brawl took place in one of the most heavily Mexican-populated cities in the country and for weeks leading up to the game, the soccer press in both Mexico and the U.S. had been billing the game as a fight waiting to happen.

And they were right. The melee kicked off when fans of Club America went over to the Pumas section of the stands, intent on causing a ruckus. When the dust settled, and things reportedly took a long time to die down, police stepped in and arrested five of the hell raisers.

The game was reportedly forfeited as a result.

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