Family feud leads to wild brawl involving pregnant woman at a high school graduation in New York Facebook Screenshot

A wild melee at a high school graduation ceremony in Long Island over the weekend that involved a pregnant woman was prompted by some good old-fashioned Facebook bickering between families.

And the entire incident was captured on video and posted to Facebook by a bystander. According to a New York Post report, Bianca Bouchard, 21, who’s 15-months pregnant and seen on the recording bleeding from a wound to her head, was kicked and punched while she was lying on the ground.

The dramatic three-minute video shows four people coming to blows on the lawn outside of William Floyd High School in Brookhaven before another woman runs over and begins punching and kicking a woman already on the ground.

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That woman turned out to be Bouchard. And she said the whole thing started on Facebook between her 15-year-old sister and a family relative through marriage.

“My head is sore but I’m fine,” said Bouchard, who was attending the ceremony to watch her sister’s boyfriend graduate. ““My sister fought one of the girls who was graduating. “We always got along. My sister and the other girl had been going back and forth on Facebook.”

Brouchard, who suffered a minor cut to the back of her head, said the chaos erupted after the actual ceremony had finished, but she felt bad about ruining the event after rushing in to defend her sister.

“I didn’t feel like ruining anyone’s graduation. It did happen after it was over but it got crazy,” she said.

Security guards eventually broke up the brawl and Suffolk County police were called in, but those involved had already left the scene by the time they arrived. No arrests have been made as of yet but an investigation is ongoing.

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