High school bully tries a sucker punch and gets put to sleep in one epic slam YouTube/Quentin Miller
YouTube/Quentin Miller

Fight! Fight! Fight!

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A dude who had apparently been talking shit on Snapchat and was looking for a fight in a high school hallway got knocked out cold by a slam to the floor after throwing the weakest of sucker punches.

His target with a backpack on can be heard saying “You’re always saying shit on Snapchat. Say something to my face bro.”

The guy in the black t-shirt tried saying something backpack dude’s face with a fist, but only grazes him. That was the beginning and the end.

He gets picked up, slammed to the floor and gets a punch for the road. He was knocked out cold.

YouTube/Quentin Miller

Someone in the background made sure to let everyone know, as if we needed it, that this is what happened.

“Out f***ing cold, bitch,” he yells.

“That’s what happens when you talk shit,” chimes in another witness.

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We think it’s safe to say this bully won’t be bothering anyone else anytime soon, but, hey, some people never learn.

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