Idiot teachers beat the crap out of each other in front of students who were clearly way more mature YouTube/Watch Game
YouTube/Watch Game

You know you’re doing a horrible job as a teacher if the students end up teaching you a lesson on how to be an adult.

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Two education pros from Stone Mountain Middle School in Tucker, Ga. were caught on camera actually beating the shit out of each other like this was a pay-per-view, and they were the main event.

The best part? The kids were the mature ones here, attempting to break up the embarrassing fisticuffs.

What did one student have to say about it? “I really couldn’t believe it,” “It was just bad” and “I thought it was kids fighting and then found out it was teachers.”

The school seems pretty pissed about it too and told concerned parents that “appropriate discipline” would be doled out.

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What that punishment is remains unclear because the two employees still have jobs. There’s also been a report that school officials tried to scrub video evidence of the fight by going through students’ phones, so accountability does not appear to be a strength here.

Once the investigation into the incident is over, though, you can safely bet they’ll be shown the door given the outrage of parents.

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