Loudmouth kid gets a well-deserved stomping after talking tough to the wrong dude VidMe Screenshot

Nothing like a little poetic justice with a dash of street justice thrown in for good measure.

That’s what this young punk got served up when he did a little too much yippin and yappin to a seemingly much older dude. And all that loud bravado looks like it worked against the 25-year-old, who repeatedly proclaimed how old he was like it would somehow scare the dude in the track suit away.

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Some guys never learn, though, and you can tell this kid is one of them. Even after he got clowned to the point of getting his face smashed into the ground and most of his clothes ripped off, he got up and started talking smack again.

There’s no doubt more of the same in his future. For now, let’s just delight in a douchebag getting boomeranged with some well-deserved karmic retribution.

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