MMA fighter gets his ass handed to him first by his opponent, then by his mom @Grabaka_Hitman/Twitter

There’s nothing quite as fierce as the wrath of Mom.

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As Russian MMA fighter Viktor Kichigin learned recently, that includes getting the crap kicked out of you in the Octagon. Kichigin was the unfortunate recipient of a brutal beatdown and subsequent TKO in the second round of his Fight Nights Global 67 bout against Ruslan Yamanbae in Yekaterinburg, Russia Thursday night.

And rather than a consoling hug or a pity-filled kiss on the cheek, his mother rubbed a little salt in his wounds by running into the ring and greeting him with an ear-ringing slap to his bloodied and battered face as he lay dazed on the canvas.

In this country, that might be considered out of bounds, but over in Russia that’s apparently more of a tender family moment.

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